2021 Association Championships Squad Announced


Thank you to all players who attended trials for the 2021 SNA Association Championship Squad Teams

Trials have now concluded and congratulations to the following players who were successful in being selected for the 2021 squad.


13 & Under                                 15 & Under

Lucy Bicknell

Matilda Chenery

Avah Creighton

Sophie Eade

Stella Freeman

Bella Gale

Georgie Hanlon

Alice Ludlow

Penny Mason

Lara Moroney

Remi Osborne

Matilda Priestly

Holly Ralph

Sari Rutherford

Jamison Stovell

Tessa Warrin

Zoey Williams

Taitum Woods         

Tia Bailey

Jessica Bassett

Gemma Boyd

Charlotte Philips

Maggie Pittock

Ella Rumbiolo

Gabrielle Smith

Isabella Spedding

Emily Younger











In the event of any above listed players being withdrawn from squad due to injury/illness or unavailability, 3 emergency players have been selected for each age group and will be offered the opportunity to participate as training partners and attend the weekly training sessions with the squad.


Training Partners

13 & Under                                                      15 & Under

Elliana Gray                                                     Abbey Bennett

Ayla Sali                                                           Beth Ford

Tully Simpson                                                  Olivia Jackson


Compulsory weekly training will be held on Wednesdays, commencing on Wednesday 10th March for both age groups.


All training will be held at the SNA courts and will be on regardless of weather conditions.

Training times will be:   15 & Under  -  5.30pm  till  7.00pm

                                       13 & Under  -  6.00pm  till  7.30pm


2021 squad information sheets will be issued, and uniform polo/hoodie orders will be done at first training.

There will be a compulsory brief information session for all players and parents at the conclusion of first training night (Wednesday 10th March), at

7.00pm for 15 & Under age group

 7.30pm for 13 & Under age group.

All players are required to have a parent attend with them.