The Distinction Award


Inaugurated in 1978, the prestigious award was sponsored by Wayne and Fay Burrows of Shepparton Trophy Centre.  The Distinction Award is presented by the SNA in recognition of members or volunteers who have given selfless service or have performed above and beyond the call of duty to assist the Association.


 George Tillet Len Tricarico  Ray Ducat  Val Barrass
 Jan Davies Joyce Clayton Dick Clayton Sandy Thomas
 Peg Curtis  Dot Brown  Ros Hughes  Jeanette Bruinier 
 Dalene Bemrose  Noel Wood  Colleen Toy  Terese Tricarico 
 Tanya Phillips Maree McCarthey  Daryl Walker  Chris Bradley 
 Stacey Cole  Marilyn Wall  Liz Fletcher  Kim Pettie