Clubs are required to ensure they have teams organised to do clean up duty on their rostered day and advise the Control Box which teams.

Clubs can do a general clean up around the courts after each timeslot or just after the last time slot.  Clubs are required to have at least 6 people to perform clean up duty.

Equipment available; Gloves and plastic garbage bags are in the white cupboard in the clubrooms, if any are out or low please advise the convenor.

The Green garbage bags are for tidying around the courts,

The Black garbage bags are for bins in the Clubrooms.


After the last time slot:

1.    Bring in any remaining goal posts with padding attached.


2.    Pick up rubbish from around the court areas- including around the clubrooms and over at the Little Aths and soccer fences.


3.    Clean up inside club rooms; empty all bins and replace rubbish bags (including bins beside handbasins in toilets). 


4.    Bring all wheelie bins into the bin cage.